Ian Epps finds... the4yearoldchild: Courtside- volume1

- Softl Music

CD | som301 | 2003

1. Inset
2. Y E
3. Asomethingslip
   4. Audi4 2 jumpin 
5. Squishinflowers
   6. Mailingclipping 
7. Ifnoon
8. Symptomsofaquarterback
9. Supergbgame
10. Sympatheticnetting
   11. D 
12. Courtside

"The4yearoldchild is a continuing series of audio-portraits, documenting a world
through child's eyes.
Ian Epps finds the4yearoldchild Courtside, entertains the idea of an identity
of a child, constructed out of sound. Understanding that humans are complex
filtering machines, Courtside is the4yearoldchild's experience of playing a game
of lawn tennis. Developing a vocabulary of this activity, the child relies on memory,
and an understanding of physics, weather conditions and human behavior".